"A remarkably illuminating documentary."
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Shunted in and out of the military. Restricted to menial "service" positions. Called to duty only in times of dire crisis. The experiences of African-American soldiers during World War II reflected the racial climate of 1940s America, a society marked by strict segregation and frequent acts of violence. Though several elite black combat battalions were created in response to pressure from the black press, they were strictly for show and had no active role in the war effort. But toward the end of the war, when manpower grew short in Europe, the 761st Tank Battalion was mobilized and sent abroad to help combat the Nazis.

Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II tells the unknown story of these African-American battalions, focusing on the heroic actions of the 761st, which spearheaded General Patton's Third Army and helped liberate the concentration camps at Buchenwald, Dachau and Lambach. This powerful film vividly records the experiences of the soldiers, who were utterly unprepared for the atrocities they witnessed, as well as the astonishment of' the camp inmates -- some of whom had never seen a black person before. Most importantly. Liberators bears witness to the courage of the Holocaust survivors and the heroism of men who were forced to fight on two Fronts -- battling discrimination at home as they fought for their country overseas. It presents a true story of one persecuted people helping another and offers an inspiring example of the kind of bravery and sense of higher purpose that transcends race and nationality.

A large-format companion book Featuring beautiful black-and-white photography is also available From Direct Cinema.

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Lou Potter is an award-winning producer and screenwriter. William Miles, producer. director, editor, and head of Miles Educational Film Productions, Inc., has received many awards for his films on African-American history. Nina Rosenblum, president of Daedalus Productions, Inc., has produced, directed, and written numerous critically acclaimed documentaries. All three authors live in New York.