African-American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation 
Sesquicentennial Civil War Commemorative Events 2010-2015

The following memorial dates have been designated by the African-American Civil War Memorial Freedom Foundation's charter organization the Sons & Daughters United States Colored Troops to facilitate national commemorative events to hi-light and honor the role of the United States Colored Troops within the context of national Sesquicentennial Civil War Commemorative Events for 2010-2015 . Memorial events are centered on USCT state markers nationwide.
April 12th, 2011
"THE COMING HOUR" :(Emancipation or Extermination)
11am - 2pm
 The African American Civil War Museum
Grimke Building Annex 
 1925 Vermont Ave. NW : Washington, D.C. 20001
Nov. 5th, 2011 _ 2pm
African American Civil War Memorial and Museum
1925 Vermont Avenue, NW : Washington, DC 20001 : (202) 667-2667
Tues., Jan. 31st, 2012 _ 7 - 9pm
The USCT Legacy of National Redemption and Democracy
( How Black Civil War Veterans Reconstructed the Union and Established Democracy in America)
Special AACWMFF_Historical Voting Rights_Civil War Sesquicentennial Lecture
African American Civil War Memorial and Museum
1925 Vermont Avenue, NW : Washington, DC 20001 : (202) 667-2667
Friday, Apr. 12th-13th, 2012
Prelude to Emancipation
Following the Union capture of Ft. Pulaski during the Civil War, Maj. Gen. David Hunter
issued General Orders No. 7 freeing those enslaved at the fort and on Cockspur Island. 
History of Emancipation: Marker _ Tybee Island, Chatham County, Georgia.
1:30pm ~ _Friday April 13th, 2012 _ (912) 786-5787
Tybee Island in Chatham County, Georgia
2pm ~ 4pm_Thursday April 12th, 2012__ (912) 652-3600
Bull Street Library -  Savannah Ga, 31401
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013
Freedom Founders Day : General Orders No. 143
"Lest We Forget - We Stand on Your Shoulders" Marker _ Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington County, Virginia.
Sunday, June 2th, 2013
Swing Low Sweet Harriet
[ Friday, May 31st ] _ [Saturday, June 1st ]_ [Sunday, June 2nd, 2013]
Sesquicentennial Commemoration of
 Harriet Tubman's 
Abolitionist Raid On The Combahee River_June 2, 1863
2pm-Harriet Tubman Bridge _ 5pm-Tabernacle Baptist, Graven St
Mitcheville Preservation Project : National Park Service  The Penn Center 
May 22nd-May 25th, 2014
USCT "Fight For Freedom" Civil War Weekend Tour
African-American experience in the Civil War Sesquicentennial USCT "Fight For Freedom" weekend tour of Eastern Virginia sites that will include the Fort Pocahontas annual Civil War Living History and Reenactment of a victorious USCT Civil War battle, that will mark the 150th commemoration of the May 24th, 1864 battle at Wilson's Wharf. The tour will begin on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 "Freedom's Founders Day" and conclude on Sunday, May 25th, 2014.
Monday, July 14th, 2014
Battle of Tupelo 
The Battle of Tupelo was a Union victory over Confederate forces in northern Mississippi which ensured the safety of General William T. Sherman's supply lines.
Battle of Tupelo Marker _ Tupelo in Lee County, Mississippi.
Sunday, Sept. 28th, 2014
Battle of New Market Heights
Of the 16 Medals of Honor awarded to “Negro” soldiers during the Civil War, 14 were bestowed for this battle.
Battle of New Market Heights Marker _ Near Varina in Henrico County, Virginia
Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 2014
The Battle For Decatur 
"Captain, We’ve Got It At Last” - The Charge of the 14th U.S. Colored Infantry “A Hard Nut To Crack”
Charge of the 14th U.S. Colored Infantry Marker _ Decatur, Alabama
Mon. Dec. 15th, 2014
Battle of Nashville
During the Battle of Nashville (December 1864), nearly 13,000 black soldiers aided in the defeat of the Confederates. 
Nashville Blacks in the Civil War Marker _ Nashville , Tennessee
Thursday, Jan. 15th, 2015
Capture Fort Fisher
Following several hours of determined resistance and the committal of five more Federal regiments (including U.S. Colored Troops). The Confederate defenders were overwhelmed."
Capture! Marker _ Kure Beach in New Hanover County, North Carolina
Wednesday, Feb. 18th, 2015
U.S.C.T. Charleston, South Carolina Liberation Day.
Sunday, Feb.22nd, 2015
U.S.C.T. Wilmington, North Carolina Liberation Day.
Friday, April 3rd, 2015
U.S.C.T. Richmond, Virginia Liberation Day.
The first units of Weitzel's command to enter the city were six regiments of Brig. Gen. Edward H. Ripley's 1st Brigade of the XXIVth Army Corps, and U.S. Colored Troops from infantry and cavalry regiments of the XXVth Army Corps. 
( Van Lew/ Bowser Marker Dedication) _ Union Army Enters Richmond Marker _ Richmond in Henrico County, Virginia
Saturday-Sunday, May 23-24,2015
Grand Review of the Armies.